About Us

Sexinessdoll.com was created by Ai Le Trade Co., Ltd. Ai Le Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is one of the premium sex doll providers and manufacturers with thousands of satisfied consumers around the world. Over the past decade, we’ve actually built a strong business reputation in the industry, renowned for our sincerity , honesty and credibility as well as our business prosperity, powerful technical support and scientific operation.   

In the past, buying adult dolls was a challenging thing that you had to go to brick-and-mortar adult stores with unsafe and awkward atmosphere. Besides, a lot of our researches showed that both men and women pretended to have orgasms or "fake" orgasm.

Men and women cited many reasons for faking orgasm. One of the reasons was that they wanted their partner to think they enjoyed the experience. Some people said they were very shy and didn’t know how to tell their partners what would excite them. Some people had kinky sex and but they couldn’t find any ways and dolls to pleasure themselves. That was so sad.

To solve this problem, Our founders with our experts teams incorporated our substantial sex toy experiments and knowledge of technology. Our goal is to create a place where everyone could feel at ease and enjoy having sex, to help people reach their ultimate climax and feel safe when they shop online. Here you could be honest with yourself and unleash your desires.

In fact, nowadays more and more people are willing to bring sex dolls into their bedroom, no matter who they are, men,women or other genders. So don't be shy to own a sex doll. It's not be shameful to have a sex doll. 


We offer a range of extraordinary sex dolls products. We shipped orders in discreet and brown boxes to numerous countries, like USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, etc.


Our mission is to explore sexual desire in people and help people reach their ultimate climax through sex dolls.

Here you could embrace your self-pleasure and your desire for kinky sex, and all manner of fetishes. There's nothing to be ashamed of your kinky sex ideas and outré fetishes. Whatever your sexual preference is, you're safe with us. With this understanding, we're dedicated to providing our customers with high quality and affordable sex products.


  • We provide excellent customer service. We try to serve our customers as quickly as much possible. We’re available via email during business hours and after hours. You can call or email us anytime with questions, even on weekends or holidays.
  • Safe material. All our sex toys are made by body-safe materials. They will stay in perfect condition for a long time.
  • Prompt and discreet packaging. Your packages will arrive in a brown plain container. No one will know what’s inside except you.
  • Track your parcel anytime. You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email once your order has shipped containing your tracking number(s). The tracking number will be active within 24 hours. So you can track by yourself whenever and whatever you like.
  • Great prices and best deals. We care about our customers and try to provide our customers with the best product and low price. We are factory direct sales, not a reseller. We’re able to give customers best deal by reducing operating costs. We ship our sex toys in volume to US or EUR warehouse by sea in advance, so the shipping cost is reduced a lot.
  • Privacy and security. We use SSL (Secured Socket Layer) which encrypts the information that you input. This is the same level of protection used by the banks and financial institutions to ensure that your bank account information can be viewed online. 2. We will never share your information with a third party. 3. All sales information is kept confidential and is used only for reporting purposes. 4. Your email address is used only to communicate with you directly and efficiently. 5. Cookiesare a method used to track a customer through their sales process for statistical and shopping cart purposes.